Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition has World Size Limitations

4J Studios, the team behind Minecraft console versions, is working on Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition and has shown the block builder running in Handheld Mode.

One key part to remember is that when the game releases, it will initially be behind the other consoles in terms of the version number. Over time it will be patched as quickly as the other platforms and start to sync its feature sets. This was similar to how Minecraft: Wii U Edition launched.

While the Wii U Edition had support only for the Classic world type, it has been confirmed that the Nintendo Switch version will support Classic (864×864 blocks), Small (1024×1024 blocks) and Medium (3072×3072 blocks). That will give you more room to get creative and explore over the last Nintendo generation.

One thing it is missing is the one world type, Large (5120×5120 blocks) which is only available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the console versions of the game. This is to ensure the performance of the game isn’t hindered when the game is run in handheld mode.

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition launches on the 11th May in North America and 12th May in Europe via the Nintendo eShop.